Primer Encuentro

En nuestro primer encuentro hubo una primera parte en la que Barbara y Frances expusieron las lineas generales de este proyecto y lo hicieron en inglé y español.

Después tod@s l@s asistentes nos reunimos en pequeños grupos para expresar nuestras ideas y espectativas.

Resumen de lo expresado en cada grupo:

– Nuestro proyecto es para personas que vivan en España.

– Queremos un proyecto con carácter internacional, donde cada uno pueda encontrar a otras personas con su mismo idioma y cultura.

– Es nuestro deseo vivir en compañía, con independencia y libertad, en un lugar que no esté alejado de la población y los lugares donde discurre la vida cotidiana. Buscamos asistencia e independencia, dentro de una pequeña comunidad, donde cada persona se pueda sentir útil aportando sus habilidades en beneficio propio y del grupo.

– No queremos ser una carga para nuestros hijos y familiares en general.

– En cuanto al edificio, éste debe permitir la independencia de cada usuari@, pero ofreciendo espacios comunes para las comidas, el ocio, juegos, ejercicio físico, etc. En Almuñécar existen algunos edificios que podrían ser un buen lugar para este grupo.

– Una parte muy importante es la financiación y se proponen las opciones de inversión/compra, o alquiler.

– Es muy importante tener capacidad para aportar la ayuda que cada persona necesite, incluyendo las grandes dependencias, con eficacia y sin grandes costes, a precios asequibles.

Quina Cabello Hidalgo

The meeting on 20th October 2016

In the group discussions during our meeting on 20th October 2016 the following themes and ideas emerged in the feedback session.

The majority of the group will want stay in Spain for the rest of their lives. Everyone mentioned the delicate balance to be struck between living independently and needing support and assistance when we need it. One group put it very well when they said that there is not going to be a perfect solution, one size will not fit all, but that we can create a framework from which we can select things to suit our needs.

Everyone was agreed that we all wanted to live in a community so that we would not feel isolated or alone. Everyone wanted to be in or very close to town and maintain links with the wider community.. Those who have children do not want to dependent on them for care and support, nor to be a burden to them.

People wanted to feel financially secure and to be able to afford the costs, to be free of financial anxiety and secure in their tenancy. Lacking money to pay for future care was a problem voiced by some people. there was general agreement that sharing meals, activities and skills would enhance the experience of living together. Sharing resources might alleviate some of the worries of becoming more dependent as we age.

The people who attended the meeting were from UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Canada and USA. Everyone endorsed the idea of an international community but people wanted to belong to a group where their own language was spoken.

Results of short questionnaire and time/ place charts on 20/10/2016
There were 32 people during the evening, although some came late or left early…we may need to alter the time of meetings to fit in with buses.
We recognise that these findings are only an indication of people’s immediate reactions and might change with more knowledge, thinking over time or a change in personal circumstances. Some people at the meeting were there for support reasons and did not complete the questionnaires, and some were not completed.
How soon.?
This was very interesting as there were people wanting something as soon as two years away, a larger cluster is looking to move around the five year mark. A few wanted something around seven or eight years from now and there was another cluster around 10 years.
Although one or two people opted for La Herradura, Central Almunecar was the choice of the majority. Some people said they could be a little flexible depending on transport resources. But this reflects the need to be part of the wider community as people stated in the meeting.
Both/ a combination…….6
Capital available soon …..2
On sale of current property……8
Not able to invest……10
Need more information……4
Could invest but not live in property
Most people said they could come to the next meeting
The reasons some people gave for not continuing were:
Too much investment needed
Moving soon
Too early to know what they want to do
Not sure if staying in Spain

Barbara Hartley and Frances Gillard